In a culture that tries to put us in a box, it’s important to remember that we are much bigger, much brighter than that.

As a multi-passionate individual, I love using my gifts to serve others; sometimes this is during a coaching session and sometimes it’s during a photo shoot. If I’m not empowering women through Root + Reclaim Wellness, I’m capturing connection through Adeline Photo

You see, when I was battling crippling mental and physical health, I found solitude behind the camera. It reignited the love I had for photography and light when I was in college.

For me, both health coaching and photography is about connection. I empower my coaching clients to connect with themselves and feel empowered. With my photography clients, I capture the connection between people in the photographs.

To provide both coaching and photography clients with a positive experience, I accept limited inquiries each season. This business-pivot has been a blessing in disguise. Now, when I do have the chance to photograph couples, families, even fellow entrepreneurs, it’s all that more special. 

If you are a health coach or small business owner and want to reach out about a partnership or project, please don’t hesitate!